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We believe students thrive when given the time to build relationships with their teachers

That's why we built an app to help K-12 schools host flexible times

FlexTime by TeachMore

A simple way to organize, empower students, and provide accountability during flexible times

Create Appointments

Students can take control of their education by making appointments with their teachers. Teachers can help guide their students by making appointments for their students. Appointments can also be limited to help teachers manage their flexible time.

Check In Students

Teachers can quickly and effortlessly check students into a flexible time. With the use of a scanner, the FlexTIme App reads the barcodes that are already provided on most student ID cards to identify a student, check to see if the students has an appointment, and check the student in for the flexible time.

Generate Reports

We provde several tools to allow teachers and adminstration to quickly analyze data regarding, but not limited to, student attendance, absences, and appointments generated. The data is also downloadable for further analytics if you wish.

Timed Passes

Enable students to effectively manage the time that they are out of the classroom during instrucitonal minutes by having them create a timed pass. Use this information to generate comprehensive reports in an effort to maximize instructional time and ensure students are engaged in valuable learning experiences.

With over 50 high and middle schools benefiting from the FlexTime App, we let the App speak for itself. As a result, we rely on recommendations by administrators and teachers to spread the word about the App and how it can help you manage a flexible time at your school.

About Us

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Adam Friedman

Adam is a cofounder of TeachMore and a high school physics teacher. In addition to physics he is also a self taught computer programmer. "For as long as I can remember, I have been developing programs to help make procedures and processess easier and more efficient." When he isn't teaching or programming, Adam enjoys spending time with family, taking his dog for a walk, and being outdoors.

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John Old

John is a cofounder of TeachMore and a high school computer science teacher. He is actively involved with programs that bring computer science into the classroom, including, but not limited to, code.org and Exploring Computer Science. In his free time, John enjoys spending time with family, playing guitar, photography, and cycling.

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